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Review of TCS


What a great experience and trip! Booking with Tamarindo Concierge Service (TCS) was what made our experience in Costa Rica turn key and on point. Zach and company were available before our experience, during our experience, and always checked in to see how we were doing. TSC helped us arrange all of our lodging, boat trips, ATV tours, and daily surf missions he even joined us a few days in the water to surf.  With Zach's personable style, knowledge of the areas and amazing vibe, he really made our group feel welcome and as a result, our trip was top notch and we blew every one of our clients away! Thanks, TCS see you soon! 

Travis Moore (SASS Global Travel) 

Zach met our needs perfectly. He helped us choose activities that appealed to us all - from age 2 to 60. We had a blast, thanks to his expertise.

Cindy Ormsby 



We had the best experience using Tamarindo Concierge Service. Zach was quick to respond to our many requests and questions, all the excursions he recommended and connected us with were perfect! We had a massive group; 18 total which included 8 kids ranging from 16-5 making booking events “interesting”, but Zach handled it. At one point, we went to the wrong pick up location for our shuttle (please picture 5 frantic moms with 8 kids sitting in the wrong hotel lobby). I called Zach, he made a few calls and got us on our way. 

Anything you want to do, TCS can set it up! 5 ⭐️’s from a bunch of crazy moms and their kids from Chicago!!!! 



Our AirBnB owner introduced us to Zach before our trip, but we hadn't anticipated needing him much since we were planning on 'winging' our time in Tamarindo. On the first day we were there he texted me anyways and just said to let him know if he could be of any use. From that night on, we ended up texting Zach for everything from dinner reservations to private taxis out to the best remote beaches. Zach responded so quickly and was incredibly knowledgeable on all of the options for activities and experiences around Tamarindo. So we ended up texting him first before Googling things or figuring it out ourselves - and I'm confident he got us the quickest and best priced options available. I have told everyone I know that if they make it to Tamarindo they need to have Zach's number!

Liz Welsh 

It was a crisp morning in early October, I boarded a flight to a far away land not knowing what was in store for me.  Thankfully, upon the recommendation our dear friend Beau, we solicited the assistance of Tamarindo Concierge Service to make all of the arrangements.   When I arrived in Costa Rica, to my delight, Zach and the TCS team had arranged a lovely shuttle service for us to our beautiful Tamarindo home.  After a 5 hour drive through the gorgeous country side, we arrived at Casa Leo Loco.  All I can say is WOW! The house was amazing and with the views of the moonlight dancing across the majestic Pacific Ocean..  After a good night’s rest Zach and TCS were there to greet us in the early morning hours of our 1st day. From that moment on it was as if I made a new best friend.  Whatever you need Zach and TCS will selflessly deliver!  If a man is lucky, there are two, maybe three moments in life when you really get to experience full service hospitality.  With TCS you are powdered in euphoric moments of hospitality at its finest. 

I highly recommend Zach and the TCS team for your next family vacation to Tamarindo



Santa Barbara, CA


We went on trip with friends to Tamarindo in October and were told that was the offseason but it didn’t feel like it with the help of Zach at Tamarindo Concierge Services.  Zach had plenty for us to do from catching Dorado, finding surf, great meals and exploring. We booked our house through Zach and it was amazing!  The whole week was top notch and we couldn’t have asked for more.  What ever we needed Tamarindo Concierge Services provided and everything was set up in advance.  Highly recommend Zach and his company for any trip to Tamarindo.

Justin Brown- Marin, CA

I decided to celebrate my 40th Birthday in Costa Rica and a friend insisted that we use Tamarindo Concierge Service to arrange all of the accommodations; he couldn’t have made a better recommendation. From the beautiful home we stayed in, to the the fishing and surfing expeditions we went on, Zach went above and beyond to make sure that our trip was an extraordinary one. I’m already looking forward to planning my next trip to Costa Rica, and I will definitely be calling Zach at Tamarindo Concierge Service when I do. 

- Pete Smith, Newport Beach CA




Zach was an exceptional surprise to our 10 day visit to Costa Rica! Our group of 15 were well taken care of with generally great choices in activities that Zach brought to the table. We certainly could have felt our way around the country on our own as we are experiences worldwide visitors - but- Zach really provided an efficient confident way for us to spend our time enjoying and not so much time studying alternatives and taking a shot in the dark as to their success. We initially committed to retain Zach for the first 5 days, but quickly extended that to the entire trip. Zach became a welcome part of our extended family and will long be considered a wonderful part of our getaway!Our activities included a fishing outing, two sailing trips, many restaurants, hiring local chefs to come to our rental property, spas, zip lining and much more!

Succinctly, we highly recommend Zach!



-John F.

Just returned home from the beautiful west coast of Costa Rica! It honestly was a vacation of a lifetime. The weather was fantastic! We stayed at Casa Bali, an amazing villa located in the hillside overlooking the beach in Tamarindo. Words alone cannot describe how magnificent Casa Bali is. Check it out online!


But the real key to the wonderful experience we had in Tamarindo was having Zach Schmidt from TCS as our concierge. Zach is genuine person, with a great sense of humor, and thirst for having fun. He is a local guy, who knows the area and the people like the back of his hand. Zach arranged all our activities - from sportfishing to zip lining, sailing to shopping. He had a connection for everything we wanted to do, and we met some great people who treated us like family. I highly recommend you allow Zach to arrange for you to go sailing aboard the "Moonstone." That was absolutely the highlight of our trip!


The bottom line is truly can't appreciate and enjoy Tamarindo without Zach! You will miss too much of what this great little surfing village has to offer.

Feel free to edit as needed smile emoticon


Thanks again for a great experience. It was honestly very easy to write this review....Simply's the truth!


All the best,

-The Ostuni Family


Top Notch Service! Our group of 15 had an amazing trip staying at Casa Bali in Tamarindo. Zach was fantastic in helping our group arrange excursions such as golf, fishing, spa services, estuary tour, zip lining, scuba, shopping, nightlife, etc. It was great having Zach around because he was very knowledgeable and helpful with anything we needed. The trip wouldn't have been the same without his service! Thank you for a great week!!!


-Tina Govic


While staying in Tamarindo on the beach there was never a moment we were in need of anything. Zach proactively made sure we were always taken care of whether it was meds, food, drinks, activities, etc. Top notch.


-Benji Burton


I would recommend Andrew and Zach to anyone thinking of going to Costa Rica. TCS gave me and my buddy some of the best service we could have asked for. I wouldn't travel through Costa Rica any other way!

-Nico Danger Hayes

I've been to Tamarindo twice, each time for about ten days. The first time I winged it and had a good time, but also dealt with a lot of surprises and stress along the way. The second trip my friend and I got in contact with Andrew and Zach, and we're thankful we did. They are very well connected throughout the community and make planning anything a breeze. Because of them my expectations of Costa Rica were far exceeded and I saw a side of Costa I wouldn't have otherwise. If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica get in contact with these awesome guys, you won't regret it!

-Drew Daft

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